Paraflex Wall-Mounted Umbrellas in NelspruitMaximizing Outdoor Space with Style

If you want to create shade on your patio, the Wall is a great place to install an umbrella / parasol arm. It is a sturdy base that lets you easily adjust the shade you need. You can mount several Paraflex wallmounted umbrellas on the Wall, even for larger patios, and avoid the hassle of umbrella poles.


Paraflex Wall-Mounted Umbrellas stand out for their design and functionality, making them ideal for a variety of outdoor settings.


Space-Saving Design

  • The wall-mounted feature allows for optimal use of space, eliminating the need for a pole stand.
  • Perfect for areas where floor space is limited, such as small patios or balconies.

Flexible Arm and Adjustable Canopy

  • Features an adjustable arm that allows the umbrella to be positioned in various angles for maximum shade coverage.
  • The canopy can be tilted and rotated, providing effective protection from the sun at different times of the day.


Paraflex umbrellas offer several advantages, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of outdoor spaces.


Versatile Sun Protection

  • Offers excellent protection against UV rays, creating a comfortable outdoor environment.
  • Ideal for residential settings as well as commercial spaces like cafes and restaurants.

Durability and Weather Resistance

  • Made with high-quality materials that withstand Nelspruit's weather conditions.
  • Durable fabric and robust construction ensure longevity.


Regular maintenance ensures the longevity and appearance of Paraflex umbrellas.


Routine Cleaning

  • Regularly clean the canopy to remove dust and debris.
  • Use mild soap and water for cleaning; avoid abrasive cleaners.

Seasonal Maintenance

  • Inspect the umbrella for any wear and tear, especially before and after the rainy and windy seasons.
  • Store the umbrella during extreme weather to prevent damage.


Customize your Paraflex umbrella to complement your outdoor decor and personal style.


Selecting Canopy Colours and Fabrics

  • Choose from a range of colours and fabric types to match your exterior design.
  • Options for water-resistant and UV-protective fabrics are available.


  • Enhance functionality with accessories like protective covers for when the umbrella is not in use.
  • Add lights or heating elements for evening use and cooler days.